Day Out with Wife!

Great Day Today!

Went to Goodwood park for Hi-tea at 3 after slacking at home with wife.

Nice variety of food. Local delicacies and Movenpick ice-cream! Price is reasonable too. Only $28++ for weekdays.

Definite will return to eat again!


Peaceful sunday!

Today is very peaceful! Went to buy fishballs with my wife, went to pray at guan yin temple at Balestier, then went to Sembawang god of fortune temple as my darling have not seen it before. An eye opener for her!
Went to NTUC to grab some grocery’s then head back to home.
Lazed around until now to go eat my dinner!
How I wish every day will be like that!
Tomorrow will be all out on my real estate job and online web store. I have promise my self to make a million a year!!

Wish me luck!
Maybe I watch the oscars tomorrow.
Will you?

Full-filling day!

So full!! When to east coast hawker eat after fat boys burger! Now back at home, bath and back to work on my website!
When will my shopping portal ever register a income!

112 Katong

First visit to 112 Katong, enjoyed the desert

This place was at Joo Chiat rd just across 112 Katong. A lot of menu changes. Cake still great but the hot chocolate loses its touch.

Today’s Thought

Make use of every time available,
You never know when you run out of it!

Wasted day!

Wasted whole day!!
Got a call from another agent said to cancel appt..
Spent whole day doing my real estate lens at squidoo till now to update my blog.
I am not getting any traffic to my online shopping portal without ppc advert.. Maybe I should revamp the whole website. Maybe I should rethink how to not be seen as an online shopping portal. Been wasting money on PPC for this and not getting any conversion!!
I think should research more. Anyway I need to search a few houses for other clients before I get to this.
Month end! And no sales yet!!
God help me!!

Thought of the day!

Do What you enjoy most Now, before you live to regret Later!

Hello world!

Er mm.. Hello Test test…

This is my first post, well actually I wasn’t planning to start writing a blog. In fact never had it cross my mind i would write this. Same like Facebook, I registered for a face book account only 1 month ago! Really!

Well I believe its actually not logical to write a blog or have a face book account. I mean hey why would you write your every day thoughts to let ten million people see! I especially don’t like face book after reading so many incidents because of face book like posting your suicide plan and some one actually got murdered because they “unfriend” the ex!!

But I realize Social Networking is important especially after I switch trade to Real Estate. No Facebook means you are from another planet. Its hard not to keep up with social networking in this trade, or rather in this present world.

My friends were SHOCKED when i told them i don’t have a FB account. They look  at me like “Where in the world did you come from?“. I simply tell them I don’t need one.

Maybe its because I don’t like to mix with the crowd that’s why. But now its a totally different Story. I NEED FACE BOOK ! Without it i can’t easily connect with my real estate network. I cannot get first hand info on anything besides Facebook! Serious!

Well you may ask what does this have to do with blogging? Nothing, Nothing at all. I came to find out that Blogging is just a way people express themselves, how they really feel about what is happening around them.

This is what my Blog is for, to express myself and to VENT some of my pent up thoughts on anything that anger me,annoy me, amuse me or even sadden me.

I will end this post for now until i get some more inspiration.